These are handbuilt out of porcelain and fired to 1280 degrees celsius. They are translucent, strong, dishwasher proof and practical. Some have kintsugi mends and are not dishwasher proof.

Retail prices for Richard Pomeroy’s porcelain.

Beakers £20

Mugs £25

Small Jugs £25

Tankards £30

Medium Jugs £30

Large Jugs £50

Teapots £55

Very large jugs £55

Pieces with Kintsugi are the same price.

Prices exclusive of p&p


Very large jug. Height 21.5cm diameter 10cm

Small jug. Height 9.5cm diameter 7cm


Teapot. Height 18.5cm diameter 9.5cm

Mug. Height 9.5cm diameter 7cm

Beaker. Height 9.5cm diameter 7cm

Tankard. Height 14.5cm diameter 8cm

Medium jug. Height 14.5cm diameter 8cm

Tankard. Height 14.5cm diameter 8cm

Large jug. Height 18.5cm diameter 9.5cm