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This is the link to an interview I did with Carly Roythorne of Somerset Community Radio, June 2014

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Crucifixion Triptych

Posted by admin2556 on November 16, 2013


WELLS CATHEDRAL LADY CHAPEL, 22nd February to 7th April 2012

This is a triptych about the crucifixion, made using oil paint on primed linen. Each figure is an impression of the artist. The crowns of thorns are blackthorn, which is often in flower at Easter time, and would have been the natural choice of thorn in this area of the world.

Landscape Imprint

Posted by admin2556 on February 8, 2012

Richard Pomeroy has made a dramatic series of paintings about the Somerset Levels to be exhibited in the Brewhouse Gallery in Jan/Feb 2012. You cannot cast your eye over the level landscape to the east of Taunton and not witness man's intimate involvement with the land over thousands of years. The view is history illustrated. The drains, rhynes, ditches, trackways and droves have all been created over many thousands of years in an attempt to tame the flooding rivers and threatening sea and make the fertile land productive.

The Living Tree of Jesse

Posted by admin2556 on October 12, 2011

An Exhibition of Paintings by Richard Pomeroy, to coincide with the restoration of Wells Cathedral's famous C14th stained glass window.

The Chapter House, Wells Cathedral

Somerset Levels

Posted by admin2556 on September 19, 2009

Photography, painting and drawing by Don McCullin, James Lynch, Luke Piper and Richard Pomeroy

Tyre Tread and Fall

Posted by admin2556 on December 1, 2008

The Air Gallery 32 Dover Street, London W1
Monday 1st - Saturday 6th December 2008

Richard Pomeroy is renowned for his fresh interpretations of landscape and architecture. His new paintings overlay haunting physical impressions of himself with the wildflowers of his local Somerset hedgerows, creating a startling juxtaposition that highlights the disjointed relationship between nature and man.